Got Injured While Working On The Construction Site? 5 Accessories That Can Save You

Statistics dictate that construction has the second-highest fatality rate amongst all other jobs globally. Due to this high fatality rate, you need to ensure that your team is safe and well-trained to prevent such fatal accidents.

To have a high functioning and healthy construction team, only good training isn’t enough! You need the best safety accessories. As a businessman or a CEO or even an administrator of a construction team, you are responsible for your men and their safety. It also occurs to most businessmen that any fatalities or accidents bring major oversight and negative publicity to the construction project diminishing its value immensely.

You should take care of safety precautions that help prevent such scenarios. To create a working environment that is safe and hazard-free for your employees, look into these safety accessories that can save the lives of construction workers and prevent major accidents.

  • High Visibility Clothing:

One of the most accident-prone times of the day is during the evening and night hours. Working with low visibility is always hazardous. However, construction workers are always around machinery and moving parts that can cause grievous bodily harm at the slightest mistake.

Therefore, it is very essential to equip all the workers of a construction team with high visibility clothing that can be clearly seen and identified by all other workers. Some of the best construction accessories are available at the website linked here. Click here to browse through their collection of safety accessories and select the best items for your team.

  • Eye Protection Gear and Headgear Accessories:

Construction sites are full of flying dust ash or even solid particles that can injure your eyes and even damage their ability to see in a long haul. Construction workers are statistically prone to 43% higher chances of eye damage and injuries than any other human. Activities such as cutting, drilling, machining or bolting are also highly damaging to the eyes if proper protective gear isn’t used.

Face shields, as well as headgear, should also be considered for construction workers involved in high-impact activities. Sometimes simple protective gear such as goggles and masks can help to protect the eyes and face of construction workers from irreparable damage.


  • Hard Hats:

Hard hats are an absolute must at a construction site. Typically, workers should not be allowed to come onto the construction site without hard hats to protect their heads from high-velocity impact. The major reason why it is compulsory for workers is due to the nature of high-velocity impact injuries that happen at construction sites.

For example, a hammer falling from the second floor will surely kill a worker walking underneath without the protection of a hardhat. A typical hard hat is made up of reinforced material that is especially “hard” around the soft unprotected part of the head.

  • Harnesses:

Construction workers are often required to work at dangerous heights from ladders or scaffolds. There are a number of accidents that can arise from such scenarios. To prevent this from happening, you must look into strong harnesses and safety hooks that can be attached to the workers. This prevents them from falling to their deaths.

  • Toughened Boots:

Often, workers forget to protect their feet properly. Feet are very vulnerable and prone to injuries at a construction site filled with stray glass, pins, wooden shards and other such materials.

To protect the feet of construction workers, toughened boots are available, which ensure protection not only against penetration but also from chemicals. Typically, Wellingtons are used by workers for this purpose.

We hope this article has helped you understand the various types of safety equipment and protective gear that a construction site needs to offer to its people. Stay aware and safe!…

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